The Eclipse I Missed

Long before the human race
A time before we explored deep space
Existed a very tiny place
That resembled a foreign face
It disappeared without a trace…


One second you can see the sun
Now you look silly on the run
Asking yourself if this is fun
Trying to create a witty pun
No FOMO for this little one

All the pictures look really sweet
Oh thank you nature, what a treat!
Telling us all to take a seat
Everyone out on the unpaved street
Connecting America is quite the feat


I don’t want to book a flight home
I would rather buy a flight to Rome,
Climb to the top of a famous dome
Or explore an ancient Egyptian tomb
Here we are on Earth to roam!


“Where in the world are you?” They ask
As they wear a silly mask
While sipping gin from a flask
And refilling from a large cask
As if it were a hard task

“I’m in Vietnam!” I exclaim
Doing things that are far from tame
Enjoying life with no shame
Always winning every game
Why yes, I am a bad bitch dame!


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